White Plastic Eggcrate 6×6 Air Vent / Light Louvers

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Egg crate Louvres / Air Vents 595×595 egg crate louvres with 10x10mm open cell structure allows light or air to easily pass through. Each ceiling vent/louver is designed to fit into all 15mm and 24mm modern ceiling grid systems. If needed the units can be cut down to size to fit smaller gaps. Minimum order 5 units.

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Ceiling Air Vent

Ceiling Air Vent 10x10mm open cell structure allows light or air to easily pass through for ventilation. The air vents are important as they allow sufficient air circulation throughout the building allowing the building to breathe. Egg shell crates give the ceilings an interesting look with a clean and professional look. The Air vents are installed in the same fashion as the suspended ceiling tiles. By simply slotting the 600 x 600mm air vent into the suspended ceiling grid. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch our technical team, they are always available to help. Our time and advice is free and we love matching customers with their perfect ceiling tile for their purpose.

Technical Characteristics

Name: Plastic Egg crate.
Colour: White.
Edge detail: Square edge.
Grid Type: 24mm & 15mm. Dimensions: 595 x 595mm x 10mm, (to fit 600 x 600mm grid layout).
Material: Plastic.
Recycled Content: Yes.
Sound absorption: N/A
Sound attenuation: N/A
Light reflectance: (%) N/A.
Humidity resistance: (RH%) 100.
Thermal conductivity: (W/mK) N/A.
Weight: (kg/m2) 2.50.
Cleaning: Yes, (with wet or dry soft cloth).

Design & Installing Ceiling Tiles

UK suspended ceilings design and fit suspended ceilings if you would like a quote please feel free to get in touch with us. We are always honest and our time and advice is free so give us a call on 01803 403404

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 60 cm

5 Vents, 6 Vents, 7 Vents, 8 Vents, 9 Vents, 10 Vents, 11 Vents, 12 Vents, 13 Vents, 14 Vents, 15 Vents, 20 Vents, 30 Vents, 40 Vents


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