Prismatic Light Diffuser 6×6 Clear Frosted Transparent Plastic 2.5mm

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Prismatic Light Diffuser. 595x595mm clear transparent plastic frosted prismatic diffusers are designed to fit into all standard 15 and 24mm modern suspended ceiling grid systems. Ideal for use with recessed light fittings or to let natural light from above floor through the ceiling but stop draughts and dust or hide unsightly views above. Minimum order 5 units.

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Suspended Ceiling Systems Prismatic Light Diffuser

suspended ceiling systems Prismatic Light Diffuser or ceiling light panels for diffusing light for a nice even spread of light. The light diffusers are frosted and give the suspended ceiling a clean and finished look. Made from a clear plastic perspex. Which works very well with our air vents to keep everything looking even. The light diffuser’s look fantastic with any of our ceiling tiles and even better the price cannot be beaten.

suspended ceiling systems Technical Characteristics

Name: Prismatic Diffuser.
Colour: Clear Frosted perspex.
Edge detail: Square edge.
Grid Type: 24mm & 15mm.
Dimensions: 595 x 595mm x 2.5mm, (to fit 600 x 600mm grid layout).
Material: Plastic/Perspex.
Sound absorption: N/A
Sound attenuation: N/A
Light reflectance: (%) 1.
Humidity resistance: (RH%) 100.
Thermal conductivity: (W/m) N/A.
Weight: (kg/m2) 2.50.
Cleaning: Yes, (with wet or dry soft cloth).

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 60 cm

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