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Decorative Ceiling Rose – Celestial Charm

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SKU: RO-8/500

Introducing the Celestial Charm Ceiling Rose, an enchanting centrepiece that embodies the elegance and intricacy of classic decorative arts. Measuring 50 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height, this exquisite ceiling rose presents a symmetrical floral and leaf design at its core, which is seamlessly integrated into an outer frame combining circular and square motifs. The result is a harmonious and ornate decoration that captures the essence of traditional decor.

Crafted from superior-quality polyurethane, the Celestial Charm merges timeless aesthetics with modern material benefits. Its lightweight construction ensures an easy installation process, while its durability and resistance to moisture and mold allow it to maintain its intricate beauty in a variety of settings. With its substantial dimensions, this ceiling rose makes a striking statement in any room, particularly enhancing the character of older style properties or spaces designed to reflect a historical or classic ambience.

The Celestial Charm’s detailed patterning not only adds a visual richness that elevates the ceiling’s architecture but also enriches the overall atmosphere of the space by adding depth and a classical touch. This ceiling rose is ideal for use in main living areas, grand entrance halls, or traditional dining rooms where its artistic qualities can be fully appreciated.

Designed to blend seamlessly with the architectural features of period homes, the Celestial Charm Ceiling Rose can be painted to match or contrast with your existing decor, providing a versatile option for those wishing to create a custom look that respects and enhances the historical values of their home.

Elevate your interior design with the Celestial Charm Ceiling Rose a masterpiece of design that offers both visual splendour and practical functionality. Now available, this ceiling rose is perfect for anyone looking to infuse their living environment with a touch of classical grandeur and ornamental elegance.

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