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Decorative Ceiling Rose – Aero Orchid

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SKU: RO-14/660

Introduce a touch of Mediterranean grandeur to your home with the Aero Orchid Ceiling Rose, a beautifully crafted centrepiece that embodies traditional villa styling. With its impressive 66 cm diameter and slimline profile of 3.5 cm in height, this ceiling rose is designed to make a grand statement in any space, perfectly suited for older style properties that cherish elegance and historical charm.

The Aero Orchid features a decorative design that blends classical elements with the timeless beauty of Mediterranean architecture. Its elaborate patterning is reminiscent of the ornate details found in traditional villas, making it an ideal choice for bringing a sense of history and luxury to your home’s decor. The large diameter ensures that it captures attention, serving as a magnificent focal point in large rooms such as entry halls, formal dining areas, or expansive living spaces.

Crafted from high-quality polyurethane, the Aero Orchid combines the aesthetic appeal of classic artistry with the benefits of modern materials. It is lightweight, making installation straightforward and accessible, while its durability and resistance to moisture and mold ensure that it maintains its beauty over time, even in challenging environments.

This ceiling rose not only adds visual depth and texture to your ceilings but also enhances the overall ambience of your home by reflecting both natural and artificial light in captivating ways. The smooth finish of the Aero Orchid allows for easy customisation through painting, enabling you to match or contrast it with your existing interior palette.

Elevate your property’s aesthetic with the Aero Orchid Ceiling Rose where traditional elegance meets contemporary resilience. Now available, this ceiling rose is the perfect addition for anyone looking to infuse their space with the grandeur and classic beauty of Mediterranean-inspired design.

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660mm x 35mm


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