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Concentric Ceiling Rose – Stella Sweep

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SKU: RO-3/370

Introducing the Stella Sweep Ceiling Rose, a breathtaking addition to our premier collection of modern ceiling decorations. This contemporary masterpiece captivates with its intricate design, featuring multiple rings that create a dynamic visual effect. With a generous 37cm diameter and a substantial height of 45mm, the Stella Sweep is designed to make a statement in any space.

Crafted from high-quality polyurethane, the Stella Sweep combines durability with a lightweight structure, ensuring both longevity and ease of installation. Its considerable size and the layered circular design make it an ideal centrepiece for large rooms, including expansive living areas, grand foyers, or commercial settings such as upscale boutiques and executive offices.

The modern and contemporary aesthetic of the Stella Sweep is defined by its clean, bold lines and the dramatic interplay of its concentric circles. This design not only adds an element of architectural depth but also enhances the room’s lighting by casting intricate shadows and highlights. The ceiling rose’s smooth surface is perfect for painting, allowing it to be tailored to complement any colour scheme or interior style.

Perfect for those who appreciate modern art and wish to integrate a sculptural element into their decor, the Stella Sweep Ceiling Rose is both a decorative and practical addition to any renovation or interior design project. It’s built to be a focal point, commanding attention and drawing the eye upward to create a sense of expanded space.

Upgrade your interior with the Stella Sweep Ceiling Rose—where design meets sophistication in the heart of your home or business. Now available in our collection, this ceiling rose is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to enhance their environment with a modern, stylish, and impactful architectural feature. Dive into a world of luxury and contemporary flair with the Stella Sweep today!

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370mm x 45mm


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