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Can Suspended Ceilings Be Sustainable?

Date Published: . By UK Suspended Ceilings
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Climate Crisis is Real

With increasing climate change, never has it been a more important time to face the inescapable truth of the climate crisis.

Notably, more construction businesses have been searching for innovative sustainable solutions to tackle their environmental impact. The aim of carbon neutrality and minimal material wastage. At UK Suspended Ceilings, we’re constantly changing our sustainability plans. We work with climate-conscious ceiling tile manufacturers, helping us to supply customers with eco-friendly materials.

From products to our own sustainable and environmental impact, here are just a few ways you can make your suspended ceilings be sustainable:

Sustainable Ceiling Tiles

Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Did you know you can recycle your ceiling tiles? Mineral fibre ceiling tiles are made up of a variety of recycled and natural materials. Like recycled newsprint, clay, perlite, starch, and fibreglass, with different quantities of each being used depending on the performance of the tile.

It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of square metres of ceiling tiles are sent to landfills every year. UK Suspended Ceilings, encourage our customers to recycle their end-of-life mineral fibre ceiling tiles at every opportunity.

Zentia Ceiling Tiles

There are countless reasons why we choose to stock Zentia/Armstrong ceiling tiles, one being their amazing contribution to climate change. Zentia provides a diverse range of tiles for different commercial environments. Some of their smart recycling initiatives include:

  • Using recyclable materials within their ceiling tiles
  • Cradle to Cradle™ certification
  • Manufacturing ceiling tiles with different energy-saving performance features
  • Further steps to reduce landfill waste, with an acoustical ceiling tile recycling service

Rockfon Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon makes similar commitments towards an eco-friendly future, following the ROCKWOOL™ value of enriching the lives of their customers that purchase their products. In their sustainability declaration, they explain how purchasing popular Artic ceiling tiles helps to benefit the environment:

  • Responsible resourcing of raw materials, using a percentage of recycled content within each ceiling tile
  • Certain ceiling tiles are certified for using low-emitting materials
  • Rockfon provides a corporate sustainability report that falls in line with the Global Reporting Initiative

Our Sustainability Strategy

Alongside our green-conscious manufacturers, we’re taking responsibility for our actions toward climate change. At UK Suspended Ceilings, we set ourselves a strong sustainability plan, with efforts that are continually evolving. This helps customers make informed, eco-friendly sustainable purchases.

We’ve been a climate-positive workforce since 2019, making a difference through different initiatives:

Products & Sales – We make purchasing a sustainable ceiling system easy for our customers. Take Responsibility Seriously.

Let’s take action towards caring for our ecosystem.

Whether you need help sourcing sustainable products or want to discuss our green initiatives further, please get in touch.