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Replacement Ceiling Tiles & Grid

Date Published: . By UK Suspended Ceilings

Replacement Ceiling Tiles & Suspended Ceiling Grids are our specialty at UK Suspended Ceilings. If you have broken or water-damaged ceiling tile, we at UK Suspended Ceilings have you covered. A broken or damaged tile doesn’t necessarily mean you need an entirely new ceiling fitted. More often than not we can match your ceiling tiles with a new replacement. We can help get your ceiling looking as good as new, inexpensively, and delivered quickly to you.

Identifying A Ceiling Tile

Identifying an old ceiling tile is not always as simple. The easiest way is to check the back of the tile for a product code or name. Most modern tiles have these printed on the back of the tile. This is usually the case with most Armstrong Ceiling Tiles and a few others. Alternatively, send in a photo to our experienced sales team. We can usually identify your tile, or offer another option if this tile is out of stock or no longer available. If you are still unsure which ceiling tile you need give us a call and we can help.

When Should You Replace Your Ceiling Tiles?

A suspended ceiling tile fitted correctly, should last a long time without the need for replacement. If you are unsure which tile is the best fit, then please don’t hesitate to give our team a call or email. If you are looking at your ceiling and wondering when it may need replacing then here are a few handy tips and things to look out for:

Stained or Discoloured Tiles

If your ceiling tiles are discoloured or stained, then we would first recommend checking your plumbing and heating systems. Make sure firstly that nothing is leaking or broken! If the tile seems discoloured this could be caused by mold or dampness. This could indicate that the type of ceiling tile installed is not fit for purpose. There is a huge range of humidity-resistant ceiling tile options. Therefore, it may be worth looking into replacing the whole ceiling with something that can withstand the environment.

Mould On Ceiling Tiles
Water Damaged Ceiling Tile

Damaged Tiles

If you do have a crack in one of your ceiling tiles or some water damage, then it is important to replace it as soon as possible. Having a gap in the ceiling will have a detrimental effect on the acoustic performance of the room, as sound will be lost through the ceiling. Suspended ceilings are fantastic for helping businesses save energy. This is down to the thermal and light reflectance properties that they possess.

Broken Ceiling Tiles

Performance Issues

If your workplace is too noisy, too hot, too cold, or even too dark then replacing your ceiling tiles could have a huge impact.  There is a ceiling tile to suit any environment. Acoustic ceiling tiles are recommended for rooms where noise needs to be controlled. These types of tiles can be either sound-absorbing or sound-insulating.

If your workspace feels dingy or dark, then choosing ceiling tiles with high light reflectance can help brighten the area. Energy savings don’t have to end with lighting, a new ceiling tile that is thermally insulated can save you even more money on heating bills. Ceiling tiles that can withstand humid environments, regular cleaning routines, and string disinfectants are popular for applications such as kitchens, hospitals, and gymnasiums. Whatever issue you are looking to fix at work, there is a high chance that replacing the ceiling will help.

Bespoke Ceiling Tile Kits

At UK Suspended Ceilings we have a range of ceiling kits that can be put together for you. We will make sure you have everything you need for a simple installation. We will design your bespoke drop ceiling kit, to suit all applications and performance requirements for your space.