Uk suspended Ceilings

Are back in action, bringing you all your favorite suspended ceiling tiles, now with an even better checkout process, blog as well as some other new exciting additions like the sand storm ultimate white ceiling tile. The website has so much more to come so stay tuned to see much more coming.

New payment options

including a new paypal express checkout. A favorite among paypal users because of it’s ease of use. Now we have a super simple debit and credit card facility. Called stripe Which makes getting your ceiling tiles a breeze.


As well as a place to buy ceiling tiles we want to create a community where where people can gather and talk. Where we can facilitate product needs. Installers can find jobs and everyone can find the right advice at no charge.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles Reviews

Reviews from customers are always welcome. It is of great benefit for any one looking at ceiling tiles who may not have any experience with them to narrow down their choices. So a quick review is gretly appreciated.