Sand Storm Ceiling Tiles

Sand Storm Suspended Ceiling Tiles 595x595mm.

Great multi-purpose non-directional tile. Clean white professional look, very similar to Armstrong Dune.

10 Tiles per box.

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Sand Storm Ceiling Tiles

Sand Storm Ceiling TIles are a great multi-purpose non-directional tile that provides a room with a professional look. Very similar looking to dune supreme ceiling tiles from Armstrong, Sand Storm provide a high light reflectance and clean look but at a far lower cost. The ceiling tiles are ideal for use in office lobbies, entrances and offices.

Like our Fine Fissured Ceiling Tiles, these tiles can be easily fitted into all modern existing or new 600x600mm ceiling grids. Once fitted the tiles will help finish the building off with a clean and professional look.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch our technical team, they are always happy to discuss your project and help you chose the correct ceiling tile to suit your needs. Our time and advice are free and we are always happy to help customers with any ceiling related questions.

Technical Characteristics
Name – Sand Storm.
Colour: White.
Edge detail: Board / Square edge.
Grid Type: 24mm & 15mm.
Dimensions: 595 x 595mm, (to fit 600 x 600mm grid layout).
Material: Mineral fiber.
Recycled Content: Yes.
Sound absorption: (alpha w) 0.55 (H).
NRC Sound absorption: (NRC) 0.55.
Sound attenuation: Dncw (dB) 34.
Light reflectance: (%) 82.31.
Humidity resistance: (RH%) 70.
Weight: (kg/m2) 3.50.
Fire: EN13823:2002 EN13238:2001 EN13501-1:2002.
Cleaning: Yes, (with dry soft cloth).

If you would like to know more about the fitting or replacement of ceiling tiles please feel free to give us a call. Most modern suspended ceiling tiles do not require clipping making them very easy to lift in and out of the ceiling grid. This is a great advantage for the busy office or communal type areas where access above the ceiling is often required to reach out of sight services.

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 60 × 1.2 cm
Weight / Size Per Box

Each Box = +/-15kg @ 610 x 610 x 12mm.


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